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Media Dieting

I’ve owned this domain since I graduated from undergrad in 2005. In the course of those many years, I’ve restructured this thing from a strict-portfolio site showcasing intaglio and woodcut prints made at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to the repository of daily updates when I was traveling through Bulgaria documenting my stolen identity to what […]

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Surveillance Conceptual Art

I’m currently working my way through Shoshana Zuboff’s epic book “Surveillance Capitalism” and I’m struck by some soft similarities between said form of late capitalism and the forms of Conceptual art (with a capital C) I was drawn to while working on my MFA. In particular, I’m thinking of the work of Sophie Calle, such […]

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Kids These Days…

Probably the single greatest perk of my job (aside from free tuition at UA), is the ability to pick up just about any resource I could possibly need from the UA library. At the moment, I’m spellbound (and a little terrified by) Malcom Harris’ Kids These Days, Human Capital and the Making of Millennials. A tidbit that is stuck in my mind: The sharing […]

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TUS – Enigmatic Monuments

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TUS – Tumamoc Hill

What separates a pilgrimage from an ordinary hike? Or, a better question: have we tied the act of participating in a pilgrimage with normalizing the body through exercise and “healthiness”? Is being an idealized, healthy, youthful body the real destination of the pilgrimage of exercise and, in turn, a form of biopower?

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