TUS – Stigmergy

Stigmergy — is a mechanism of indirect coordination, through the environment, between agents or actions. The principle is that the trace left in the environment by an action stimulates the performance of a next action, by the same or a different agent.

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Photogravures + Drawings (Systems of Knowledge)

Recently, I’ve been looking at photogravures I created in Nebraska during an artist residency and experimenting with discursive and non-discursive universes of imagery. When two systems of images collide (abstract, handmade and photographic, apparatus made) what is the result? Which becomes dominant? 

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I’ve been spending the last 4 weeks working on polymergravures–a less toxic way of using polyer-based printing plates to make rich and heavy intaglio images. Currently, I’m wrapping up a series of images of the Cedar-Riverside Plaza. 

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LAX – Samuel

Samuel in the yurt. 

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SFO – Ocean Beach | Andrea

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