I’ve owned this domain since I graduated from undergrad in 2005. In the course of those many years, I’ve restructured this thing from a strict-portfolio site showcasing intaglio and woodcut prints made at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to the repository of daily updates when I was traveling through Bulgaria documenting my stolen identity to what it is now: a mishmash of photos and projects. In the last 4-5 years, like most people, I migrated away from the blog and portfolio site format to the privatized paradise of social media platforms, specifically Instagram. While it is great to be able to post an image and know, for a fact, it is reaching an audience of people I like (and many I have no idea who are complete strangers to me) I’ve become so much less careful and focused with making photographs. Point. Shoot. Post. Or, even more bleak: point, shoot, develop, scan, process, post. All that work for a tiny blip on a social platform where attention is scarce but content is abundant and context is… irrelevant.

I want to get back to being conscientious of what I put out on the internet and so begins the media diet. Instagram is disabled. Facebook is turned off. And if I post photographs they either go to the blog section here or they must be spun into larger projects. Any photograph posted has to come with context of some sort.