El Centro, California (Cycle Opening)

Driving through the Imperial Valley of Southern California, I’m struck by the ways the landscape is in many ways analogous to the farmlands of Nebraska I grew up with. However, instead of rows of corn and soybeans, strawberries, kale, and heads of lettuce form a carpet varying shades of green–interrupted by the bleak and exposed earth of empty fields.

The intense agricultural uses of the Imperial Valley, coupled with dust from the slowly receding Salton Sea to the north, have led to some of the worst air quality in the country.

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TUS – Stigmergy

Stigmergy — is a mechanism of indirect coordination, through the environment, between agents or actions. The principle is that the trace left in the environment by an action stimulates the performance of a next action, by the same or a different agent.

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Photogravures + Drawings (Systems of Knowledge)

Recently, I’ve been looking at photogravures I created in Nebraska during an artist residency and experimenting with discursive and non-discursive universes of imagery. When two systems of images collide (abstract, handmade and photographic, apparatus made) what is the result? Which becomes dominant? 

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I’ve been spending the last 4 weeks working on polymergravures–a less toxic way of using polyer-based printing plates to make rich and heavy intaglio images. Currently, I’m wrapping up a series of images of the Cedar-Riverside Plaza. 

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LAX – Samuel

Samuel in the yurt. 

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