Probably the single greatest perk of my job (aside from free tuition at UA), is the ability to pick up just about any resource I could possibly need from the UA library. At the moment, I’m spellbound (and a little terrified by) Malcom Harris’ Kids These Days, Human Capital and the Making of Millennials.

A tidbit that is stuck in my mind:

The sharing economy’s rise is a reflection of capitalism’s need to find new profit opportunities in aspects of social life once shielded from the market, in leisure time once withdrawn from waged labor, in spaces and affective resources once withheld from becoming a kind of capital. What sharing companies and apps chiefly do is invite us to turn more of our lives into capital and more of our time into casual labor, thereby extending capitalism’s reach and further entrenching the market as the most appropriate, efficient, and beneficial way to mediate interaction between individuals. For the sharing economy, market relations are the only social relations.

KIDS THESE DAYS Human Capital and the Making of Millennials, Malcom Harris