Stolen Identity Project: Bulgaria. Archival Inkjet Prints. 17 in X 17 in. 2006-7.

In early December 2005, individuals stole my identity using the Internet in the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. Sensitive information regarding my checking account was stolen, allowing these individuals to travel throughout the region, withdrawing funds from ATMs and utilizing a forged VISA card while posing as me. This act serves as inspiration for my work as it represents a spilt of my conceptual, digital self and my physical, actual identity. During the months of May and June 2006 I traveled to sites within the countries of Macedonia and Bulgaria where usage of my bank account occurred. I documented through photography the places and transactions that resulted from my stolen identity. As more people carry out their private activities via digital communication, the consequences of a stolen identity are magnified. For this reason, the theme of digital identity is a concern not only in this particular region, but also to all people that are connected to the new global economic culture.