I am an artist and photographer living and working in Southern Colorado. I hold an MFA in photography from the University of Minnesota. 

Statement of Practice

I am interested primarily in documenting structures that arise out of practices of everyday life through projects involving personal identity, individual representation, and the evidence of human presence in the landscape.

I use both printmaking and photography in a working process that ties conceptual gestures with traditional techniques. In previous projects I have emphasized the representation of individuality. In Stolen Identity Project I traveled to sites within the countries of Macedonia and Bulgaria where usage of my bank account occurred. I documented through photography the places and transactions that resulted from my stolen identity. In other work, I explored the intersection of public and private life by creating a series of intimate photogravure portraits of desperate men culled from dating video tapes in Cupid Connection and by capturing the objects left behind by users of public spaces in the Evidence series of photographs.

My recent work has centered on diagnosing and understanding the ways fiction can shape understanding of the space and place dialogic.